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How to Make Your Coolest Tees Better, Longer, Stronger

Imagine you buy a really, really cute t-shirt and it quickly becomes your favorite go-to. You get tons of compliments because it’s really funny and cool and makes you feel confident.

But to your dismay it quickly starts to fall apart. Your super cool t-shirt is literally deteriorating every time you wash it. You start to ration your favorite shirt, only bringing it out for special occasions. Worse, it’s been discontinued so you can’t even replace it with a new one.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to pay a little more for a great t-shirt and have it last waaaaay longer instead of wasting money on inferior shirts?

Our shirts are screen printed and made in the USA of the highest quality 4oz fabric, vs imported shirts that are only 3.7oz. Also, you can feel good knowing everyone who made your shirt was treated according to US law and had to follow US environmental regulations.

Plus our shirts are insanely cool and funny and guaranteed to be noticed. You’re bound to feel fab on the inside and out!

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What makes our shirts so special?

You may have noticed by now my penchant for lists. Let’s get right into it, BAM!

  1. Numero uno and most important is that we feature unique, original art you won’t see anywhere else.
  2. Our shirts are made and printed in the USA. It’s the most socially and environmentally responsible decision available and we stand by it 100%.
  3. Our shirts are screen printed by humans, not direct-to-garment printed by machines. This means they will last WAY longer and wear better. Why would we use crappy printing to put our awesome art on awesome shirts on your awesome body? We wouldn’t, is what!
  4. Our label is printed on the inside neck. We think it’s comfier and more convenient than a fabric label that can irritate and probably need to be cut out.
  5. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We try to avoid plastic at all costs. Say no to trash island!
  6. Each order comes with a special little gift because we love you.
  7. Did we mention we love you?

Thanks for reading and check in with us next week for updates and other cool stuff.