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How to Make Your Coolest Tees Better, Longer, Stronger

Imagine you buy a really, really cute t-shirt and it quickly becomes your favorite go-to. You get tons of compliments because it’s really funny and cool and makes you feel confident.

But to your dismay it quickly starts to fall apart. Your super cool t-shirt is literally deteriorating every time you wash it. You start to ration your favorite shirt, only bringing it out for special occasions. Worse, it’s been discontinued so you can’t even replace it with a new one.

Wouldn’t it be worth it to pay a little more for a great t-shirt and have it last waaaaay longer instead of wasting money on inferior shirts?

Our shirts are screen printed and made in the USA of the highest quality 4oz fabric, vs imported shirts that are only 3.7oz. Also, you can feel good knowing everyone who made your shirt was treated according to US law and had to follow US environmental regulations.

Plus our shirts are insanely cool and funny and guaranteed to be noticed. You’re bound to feel fab on the inside and out!

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Hello, internet!

We are Carrie and Kirk, and we are here to give your wardrobe game some catnip.

If you’re like us, you love cats, you have a great sense of humor, and your style causes envy. We are creating the shirts we want to wear, and we think you will too.

When will said shirts be available, you say? Soon. August of 2019 is our goal. Here’s where we’re at as of today:

  • Designs for 6 shirts are complete and have been submitted to our screen printer.
  • Quotes and pricing are in. These shirts will retail for between 35$ to 40$ USD with free shipping for orders over 50$.
  • Production samples are on order for approval and photography.
  • We are in talks with a photographer to get product shots for our store and social media.
  • We are trying to get the word out and drum up a little excitement before the launch. Sprinkle some nip around, if you will!

I’m personally very excited about posting sneak peeks when we get samples in and during the photo shoot. Follow our blog via email below or on social media to keep up to date with our progress!

Later this week I’ll be posting bios of Kirk and I (the team) so you can get to know us better. We want to know you too! Comment, follow us, and contact us with your burning questions. We might blog about it!

Thanks a lot for being here. Stay kitty fresh friends!

Update: We are finalizing our lookbook and sell sheets to send to retailers. We don’t want to scoop our retailers by offering the shirts online until after they set in stores, hopefully in August.

If you are a retailer interested in viewing our lookbook, please contact us with your store information, including tax ID/EIN.